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Safia Uniforms is a project by DME Living Well. family owned and operated medical uniform and workwear supplier. Our retail stores provide the largest selection of in-stock scrubs. We stock Barco (Grey's Anatomy™), IRG, Urbane™, Koi, Landau, Cherokee, Healing Hands, White Swan, Wonder Wink, Carhartt™, Med Couture, Frankyray, Dickies, Med Gear, Sketchers, Smitten, Heart Soul and many more. We also stock footwear from Dansko, Vionic, Alegria and Nursemates to name a few.

Scrubs Etc strives to better serve busy medical professionals by offering conveniences not common in the retail uniform industry. 

Essential Oils

At DME Living Well, we recognize that living a healthier life is not just about the tools to help you move, but the tools to feel and live better. This is why we have partnered with Bare Oils, a Certified Organic 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oil line with 27 checkpoints of quality and purity to support your everyday well being. 

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Custom Fittings

Diabetic Shoe Fitting

Diabetic shoes sometimes referred to as extra depth or therapeutic shoes, are specially designed shoes or inserts intended to reduce the risk of skin 

breakdown in diabetics with co-existing foot disease. People with decreased feeling in their feet may have a false sense of security as to how much at risk their feet actually are. An ulcer under the foot can develop in a couple of hours. The primary goal of therapeutic footwear is to prevent complications, such as: strain, ulcers, calluses, or even amputations for patients with diabetes and poor circulation. In addition to meeting strict guidelines, diabetic shoes must be prescribed by a physician and fit by a qualified individual. The shoes must also be equipped with a removable orthotic. Foot orthotics are devices such as shoe inserts, arch supports, or shoe fillers such as lifts, wedges and heels. The diabetic shoes and customized insoles work together as a preventative system to help diabetics avoid foot injuries and improve mobility.

Mastectomy Fittings

Being properly fitted for your breast prosthesis should provide balance, symmetry, and comfort after your breast surgery. Our Certified Mastectomy Fitters fit women who have discomfort, imbalance, and size difference after lumpectomy, mastectomy, radiation therapy, and breast reconstruction. DME Living Well offers post-mastectomy products from many vendors such as Amoena, and Wear Ease.

Compression Stockings

 People wear compression stockingsfor comfort, to do better in sports, and to help prevent serious medical conditions.

Basically, they improve your bloodflow. They can lessen pain and swelling in your legs. They can also lower your chances of getting deep vein thrombosis (DVT), a kind of blood clot, and other circulation problems.

They come in different sizes and strengths, so you or your doctor will need to decide which option will work best.

What Are They?

Compression stockings are specially made, snug-fitting, stretchy socks that gently squeeze your leg. Graduated compression or pressure stockings are tighter around your ankle and get looser as they move up your leg. Compression sleeves are just the tube part, without the foot.

You can buy them over the counter, but if your doctor prescribes them, your insurance may cover the cost.

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