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DME Living Well understands the complexity of managing your soft good and bracing products while trying to provide excellent care for your patients.  Although your patients need these products, the time it takes to manage the inventory can take away from valuable time with patients.  We offer a Stock and Bill program that will help you to still provide the soft good and braces that your patients need without investing the time managing inventory.

We will manage the inventory in your office.  An DME Living Well representative will be assigned to monitor your inventory.  We will be responsible for ordering and restocking the items that you prescribe for your patients. The program is designed around the needs of your facility and shipments will come directly to your office.  This will allow you to pull directly from your fully stocked inventory as you see patients with assurance that whatever you need will be there. Our program is intended to help simplify the dispensing process and reduces the administrative cost of managing inventory in your office.

As part of the program, DME Living Well will take full responsibility for billing the patients insurance and also for any follow up that is needed for the patient. We will handle all warranty issues and answer any questions your patients might have. As a participating Medicare Provider, DME Living Well will offer competitive pricing that reflect Medicare allowed amounts.  We also take many other insurances and can help most of your patients.  For those patients who do not have coverage we can also accept most major credit cards. The idea of Stock and Bill is to eliminate patients looking for their own products or finding the wrong ones. It also helps patients to receive their items much faster than usual. It is also a tool to help your facility save time and money.